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By working together with the rare disorder community, we understand the challenges that you and your patients face. That’s why, at Akcea, we’re committed to supporting clinicians and their patients to transform the standard of care for patients with serious and rare disorders.

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Tegsedi is indicated for the treatment of stage 1 or stage 2 polyneuropathy in adult patients with hereditary transthyretin amyloidosis (hATTR).1

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Waylivra is indicated as an adjunct to diet in adults with genetically confirmed familial chylomicronaemia syndrome (FCS) and at high risk for pancreatitis, in whom response to diet and triglyceride-lowering therapy has been inadequate.2

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How can you refer a patient onto the Akcea Connect service?

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Patient registration

You will need to complete a patient registration form and a prescription (provided to the Trust by Akcea Connect service providers) and send them to the Trust pharmacy. Upon approval, they will be sent to Akcea Connect service providers to arrange the dispensing and delivery of the medication.
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Informing your patients

The patients will be given a leaflet to explain that their data will be transferred from the NHS to Akcea Connect service providers. All parties involved will have a data sharing agreement. The leaflet will also show patients where to find the privacy notices of the NHS, and Akcea Connect service providers.
1. Tegsedi SmPC, October 2019.
2. Waylivra SmPC, 2019.
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